. Differentiate between biodegradable and non-biodegradable pollutants

Best Answer

Biodegradable pollutants

a. Biodegradable pollution is those which are decomposed by natural biological agents.

b. They are decomposed and degraded by microbes.

c. Biodegradable pollutants can be disposed of easily.

d. Biodegradable pollutants get decomposed within a very short period.

e. After degradation, they can be used to produce biogas, manure, fertilizers, and compost.

Examples include plants, animals, their waste, paper, fruits, flowers, vegetables.

Non-biodegradable pollutants

a. Non- biodegradable pollutants that do not decompose.

b. They are non - decomposed and non- degraded by microbes.

c. Non- biodegradable pollutants cannot be disposed of easily.

d. While non-biodegradable pollutants take a longer time to decompose.

e. The degradation rate is slow and the separation and recycling are not easy and expensive too.

Examples include rubber, plastic, chemicals, and paint plastic.

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