. Differentiate between internal fertilization and external fertilization

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Explanation : 

  • In internal fertilization inside the female body the syngamy of gametes takes place after insemination through copulation.
  • Internal fertilization is observed in mammals, birds, and some plants such as bryophytes and pteridophytes.
  • Internal fertilization occurs in 3 ways - 
  1. Ovoviviparity - eggs retained in the female body, hatched when fully developed. For example - snakes, sharks, rays etc.
  2. Oviparity - egg-laying. For example - Turtles, crocodiles etc.
  3. Viviparity - offspring develop within the female body. For example - human beings, dogs etc.
  • While in external fertilization outside the female body, syngamy of gametes takes place.
  • Mostly the syngamy of gametes takes place in water bodies.
  • In external fertilization multiple gametes are released into the external environment.
  • For example - Algae, Fish, Amphibians etc.

Final Answer :

Hence, in internal fertilization, fertilization takes place inside the body while in external fertilization it is external.


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