. Differentiate between Parasite and saprophyte

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For its nutritional needs, it feeds on a living source known as the host.

It feeds on the dead and decaying matter to meet its nutritional needs.

It causes harm to the source by infecting it or consuming its food.

It has no effect on the source because the source is already dead.

They are Eukaryotic organisms.

Some are prokaryotic, while others are eukaryotic.

They have the potential to kill the source.

They cannot result in the source's death.

They have an intracellular digestion mode.

They digest in an extracellular manner.

They do not contribute to environmental cleanup.

They aid in the cleaning of the environment by feeding on dead and decaying matter.

For example: Lice, Stomach worms, etc.

For example: Bacteria, Fungi, etc.


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