. Differentiate between internal fertilization and external fertilization

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Internal Fertilization

a. Takes place outside the lady’s body.

b. Generally, a large number of gametes are released in the enclosing medium (for example water).

c. Organisms that use external fertilization to reproduce either live in the water or return to the water for reproduction.

d. As the chance of fertilization in water is commonly less, hence, a large number of gametes are loosed.

Examples: Fish, Amphibians, and a max of the Algae, etc.


a. Takes place inside the lady’s body.

b. Male gametes are released inside the body of the feminine by a copulatory organ.

c. Animals that hold internal fertilization have fully transitioned to life on land.

d. The number of gametes produced in this mode is relatively lower.

Examples: Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Bryophytes, and Tracheophytes.

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