. Discuss comparison of stationary waves with travelling waves

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i. Travelling waves advance in a medium with a given velocity whereas stationary waves remain standing between two boundaries of a medium.

ii. In travelling waves, all particles have the same frequency and amplitude. In stationary waves, all particles except nodes oscillate with the same frequency. But all particles have different amplitude given by A sin kx.

iii. In travelling waves, at any instant phase of vibration varies continuously from one particle to the other  =2. x . In standing waves, all the particles between successive nodes, are in the same phase at any instant. The particles their mean positions, simultaneously time in each time period. This never happens in travelling waves.

iv. Travelling waves transmit energy in the medium, stationary waves do not.

v. Travelling waves are depicted as follows :


This is the snap shot of a wave at a given instant.

Stationary waves are depicted by the envelope of the vibration of its particles as follows :





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