. Discuss important points on Forces acting on the body is constant in magnitude and directed along the velocity (or opposite to it) all the time

Best Answer

i. Work is defined for an interval or displacement; there is no term like instantaneous work similar to instantaneous velocity.

ii. For a particular displacement, work done by a force is independent of type of motion i.e. whether it moves with constant velocity, constant acceleration or retardation etc.

iii. For a particular displacement work is independent of time. Work will be same for same displacement whether the time taken is small or large.

iv. When several forces act, work done by a force for a particular displacement is independent of other forces.

v. A force doesn’t depend on the reference frame, but its displacement depends on the frame. So, work done by a force is frame-dependent. Work done by a force can be different in different reference frames.

vi. Effect of work is change in K.E. or P. E.


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