. Discuss Symmetry of flower with diagram

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Symmetry of flower: If the floral plants are cyclic arranged in a flower, then it is called cyclic flower. If floral leaves are spirally arranged then it is called spiral flower. Floral symmetry is of three types:

i. Actinomorphic / Radial  / Regular - When flower is divided by any vertical plane into two equal halves, then it is called actinomorphic flower. E.g., Mustard, China rose, Datura, Chilli. 

ii. Zygomorphic / Bilateral - When the flower is divided into two equal halves only by one vertical plane, then it is called zygomorphic flower. E.g., Pea, Bean, Gulmohur, Cassia. 

iii. Asymmetrical / Irregular - When the flower cannot be divided into two equal halves from any plane, then it is called asymmetrical flower. E.g., Canna, Opuntia.


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