. Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following

(a) Wild animals

(b) Environment

(c) Villages (Rural areas)

(d) Cities (Urban areas)

(e) Earth

(f) The next generation


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Answer: (a) Effects of deforestation on wild animals:

Removal of trees and plant life from a particular area for the construction of industries, agriculture or for other such purposes is termed as Deforestation. Plantlife forms an integral part of the ecosystem and these plants form the natural habitat of various animals of that ecosystem. Destroying the plant life will ultimately threaten the existence of animals in that particular ecosystem and may lead to their extinction.

(b) Effects of deforestation on the environment:

In plants, Photosynthesis takes place by the absorption of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere. The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere increases rapidly if the plant life of an area is destroyed. Increased concentrations of CO2 result in the trapping of excessive heat radiations within the Earth’s atmosphere contributing to global warming. This results in the rise of the temperature of the Earth and disturbs the water cycle which occurs in nature. Hence, rainfall pattern changes leading to droughts and floods.

(c) Effects of deforestation on villages:

The soil particles are held together in a place by the roots of the plants, trees and other vegetation. In the event of water flow or a high-speed wind over the top layer of the soil, the soil particles get removed easily as there are no plants to hold it in place. Thus, soil erosion is increased by deforestation activities. Soil loses fertility and loses humus. Hence, a fertile land, fit for agriculture turns into a desert.

(d)Effects of deforestation on cities:

The risk of natural calamities like floods and drought in urban areas is increased by deforestation. It will also lead to global warming because of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This is a result of continuous pollution from automobiles and industries. The water cycle in the vicinity is also affected.

(e) Effects of deforestation on Earth:

Deforestation leads to increased chances and occurrences of desertification, droughts and floods. Carbon Dioxide level in the earth’s atmosphere also increases which leads to global warming. The water cycle is disrupted and there is also an increased risk of natural calamities.

(f) Effects of deforestation on the next generation:

Our Environment is slowly changed by the activities of deforestation, both directly and indirectly. Soil erosion, global warming, desertification, drought, greenhouse effect, floods and many other problems are caused only because of deforestation. Ultimately, the next generation will be facing the consequences of deforestation.



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