. Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following

(a) Wild animals

(b) Environment

(c) Villages (rural areas)

(d) Cities (urban areas)

(e) Earth

(f) The next generation


Best Answer

Explanation :

  • (a) Wild animals: Deforestation has ruined the natural habitat of many species.

Animals have no place to dwell or breed without their natural habitat. Many animals are on the edge of extinction as a result of this.

  • (b) Environment: Due to deforestation, global warming is the most serious threat to the environment. The carbon dioxide is not absorbed by the plant and accumulates in the atmosphere. It has a negative impact on our environment.
  • (c) Villages (Rural regions): For fuel, fruits, and wood, rural communities rely heavily on woods. Deforestation has depleted their resources, and wild animals pose a threat to the inhabitants.
  • (d) Urban areas (cities):Deforestation has little direct impact on cities. However, climate change causes disasters such as floods and droughts, which have an impact on cities. It contributes to global warming as well.
  • (e) Earth: The lush plains have been turned into deserts due to deforestation. Natural disasters such as floods and droughts are also caused by deforestation. Because of deforestation, the earth's climate has changed.
  • (f) The following generation: Deforestation has had a significant impact on our climate. Because of deforestation, many species are on the edge of extinction, and some are already extinct. Many beautiful and appealing wildlife and flora may be lost to future generations. It may have to bear the consequences of global warming due to a lack of fuel.

Final Answer :

Hence, there is a lot of effect of deforestation on wild animals, environment, villades, cities, earth, the next generation.



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