. Discuss those developments of the 1937-47 period that led to the creation of Pakistan

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Answer: The developments of 1937-47, which led to the creation of Pakistan, are given below:

a. A two-nation theory – Initially the Muslim league never mentioned Pakistan to be the nation of Muslims however; since the 1930s, it started demanding a separate country for Muslims.
b. Provincial elections of 1937 – The elections were a decisive factor for Muslim league to decide that Muslims are a minority in India and they have to have a separate nation for them for their just representation in the politics.
c. Rift between congress and Muslim league – When congress rejected the Muslim league’s offer for a joint congress-league government in united provinces, the league decided to part ways forever.
d. Failed talks – No discussion could turn out to be successful, where both Congress and Muslim league could come to a conclusion of a single nation. British too, at the end of 2nd world war, opened negotiation talks with both congress and the league. However, it turned futile.
e. Provincial elections of 1946 – Muslim league’s spectacular victory on the seats reserved for Muslims gave them the confidence to create a separate nation.
f. Mass agitation – The failure of cabinet mission of 1946 led to the mass agitation led by the Muslim league.
g. Partition was finalised and Pakistan was born.

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