. Discuss various social changes that occurred in modern industrial cities of London

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Ans: i. In the eighteenth century, the family had been a unit of production and consumption as well as of political decision-making. The function and the shape of the family were completely transformed by life in the industrial city

ii. Ties between members of households loosened, and among the working class the institution of marriage tended to break down

iii. Women of the upper and middle classes in Britain, faced increasingly higher levels of isolation, although their live were made easier by domestic maids who cooked, cleaned and cared for young children on low wages

iv. The city no doubt encouraged a new spirit of individualism among both men and women, and a freedom from the collective values that were a feature of the smaller rural communities.

v. The public space became increasingly a male preserve and the domestic sphere was seen as the proper place for women. Thus man and women did not have equal access to this new urban space

vi. Many new types of large-scale entertainment for the common people, aristocrats and industrial workers developed in cities

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