. Distinguish between chemical and physical adsorption

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Chemical Adsorption Physical Adsorption

Chemical adsorption is a weak phenomenon and this

type of adsorption is caused by physical forces

This type of adsorption is caused by chemical forces

and it is a very strong process.

This adsorption is a multi-layered process.

This type of adsorption is almost a

single-layered phenomenon.

Physical adsorption is not specific and takes

place all over the adsorbant.

Chemisorption is highly specific and takes place at

reaction centres on the adsorbant.

Surface area, temperature, pressure, nature of

adsorbate effects physisorption.

Surface area, temperature, nature of adsorbate

effects chemisorption.

Energy for activation is low (20 – 40 kg/mol). Energy of activation is very high 40 – 400 kJ/mol.

Final Answer:

Hence,above table distinguishes between chemical and physical adsorption.

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