. Distinguish between cold weather season and hot weather season

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  • The cold weather season starts from mid-November in northern India and stay till February. While the hot weather season start from March and stay till May due to northward movement of sun.
  • During the cold weather season the northeast trade winds prevails over the country, which blow from land to sea. While during hot weather season the summer month experience rise in temperature.
  • One of the features of cold weather season is over the northern plains there is inflow of cyclonic disturbance from the west and the northwest. While a striking feature of hot weather season is ‘loo’ which is strong, gusty, hot, dry wind blowing during the day over the north and northwestern India.

Final Answer:

The cold weather season is experienced from the month of mid-november to february while the hot season experience from march to may,  Northwest trade wind prevail over the country in cold weather season while influence of the shifting of heat belt can be clearly seen in the hot weather season, Inflow of cyclonic disturbance is seen in the cold weather season while hot, dry wind which is called as ‘loo’ blow in the hot weather season.



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