. DNA replication occurs in which phase of cell cycle

A: Mitosis

B: Prophase

C: Interphase

D: Metaphase

E: Cytokinesis



Best Answer

Explanation :-

Mitosis is a type of cell decision in which a single is divided into two nearly equal and identical cells.

• Prophase is the first phase of mitosis or meiosis.

• During prophase, the chromatin material condenses to form chromosomes and nuclear membrane breaks and formation of spindle fiber starts.

• During interphase, the DNA content of the cell replicates and prepares itself for the further division of the cell.

• It is also known as the preparatory phase and is the longest phase of the cell cycle.

• After prophase, metaphase begins.

• During metaphase, the chromosomes get arranged at the metaphasic plate.

• Chromosomes also get attached to spindle fibers.

• Cytokinesis is followed by karyokinesis.

• First of all division of nucleus takes place after that division of cytoplasm occurs, giving rise to daughter cells.

Final answer :-

The correct answer is interphase, i.e option ( C ).


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