. Draw a circle of radius 3 cm. Take two points P and Q on one of its extended diameter each at a distance of 7 cm from its centre

Draw tangents to the circle from these two points P and Q.


Best Answer

Solution: Steps of construction:

i. At first draw a circle with radius 3 cm


ii. Now, extend the diameter to A and B on both the sides.

iii. Then, draw the perpendicular bisectors of OA and OB.

Such that:

Perpendicular bisector of OA intersects it at point O’.


Perpendicular bisector of OB intersects it at point O”.

iv. Considering O’A as radius, constructanother circle.

v. considering O”B as radius, construct the third circle.

vi. From point A, draw tangents AP and AQ.

vii. From point B, draw tangents BR and BS


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