. Draw the tetrahedral dimer structure of AICI3

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  • Aluminium chloride (AICI3) comprises aluminium and chlorine atoms combined in 1:3 ratio.
  • 2713AI →1s22s22p63s23p1  has 3 valence electrons and valencyAI3+.
  • Aluminium chloride is an ionic halide with cubic coordinate-layer lattice in solid state.
  • AICI3 is an electron deficient compound that behave as Lewis acids.
  • Electron deficient compounds have tendency to accept pair of electrons to achieve stable electronic configuration.
  • AICI3 achieves stability by forming tetrahedral dimer AI2CI6 in liquid or molten state.
  • AICI3 forms dimer AI2CI6 because for completing its octet configuration, vacant 3d orbitals accommodates an electron from chlorine atom.

 chlorine atom

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AICI3 forms dimer AI2CI6 in liquid or molten state.


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