. Earth rotates in which direction

(A) East to west

(B) West to east

(C) North to south

(D) West to south

Best Answer

Correct option is: B.

Earth’s rotation is the gyration of the planet Earth around its own axis. We know about the basics of Earth gyration. As we know the day and night are due to revolution of Earth. To answer this problem, we should know about the graphical presentation of direction in the paper.

As we checked above the North Pole, the Earth rotates counter clockwise, from the west to east. This is similarly known as a Prograde rotation.

We experience that the Earth rotates onetime in twenty-four hours. As, the revolution of the earth in the direction from west to east, the moon, sun, and all other celestial bodies appear to move from east to west opposite to gyration of Earth. This is the main explanations behind why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

The rotation of the earth is due to cause of the formation of the day and night. The direction of the earth's revolve from west to east is viewed from the North Pole star Polaris.

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