. Explain Characteristic of Algae

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1. Photosynthetic, simple, thalloid, mainly aquatic organisms, but also present on moist stones, soils and wood.

2. They   occur in association with fungi (Lichen) and animal (on Sloth bear).

3. Form and size is highly variable, unicellular Chlamydomonas, colonial Volvox, filamentous Ulothrix and Spirogyra. 

4. Reproduction by vegetative, asexual and sexual means.


Algae usually occur in a variety of habitats such as water, land as well as on the other plants and even animals. Some grow in marine water called seaweeds. 

Vascular tissues are absent.

A mechanical tissue is absent.

A variety of pigments in algae provide different colours.

Sexual reproduction involves isogamy, anisogamy and oogamy. Sex organs are unicellular and non-jacketed. An embryo stage is absent.

Life cycle is various-haplontic, diplontic or diplohaplontic.



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