. Explain Distance and Displacement with diagram

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i. Displacement is a vector quantity. It is the change in position vector. Distance is the total length of the actual path covered. Distance is a scalar quantity.

ii. Suppose a particle travels from point A to point B as shown in the fig below along a zig – zag  path, in a finite time interval.


iii. Distance will be equal to the total length of the actual path covered by the particle. Displacement will be 


iv. The distance covered will always be greater than or equal to the magnitude of the displacement.

v. Displacement and distance are equal in magnitude in case the particle is travelling along a straight line without change in direction.

vi. SI unit of distance and displacement is meters.

vii. In simple language, displacement can be said to be the shortest line joining the initial and final positions of a body in motion, irrespective of path followed and it is directed from initial position to final position.

viii. Change in position vector is displacement and change in displacement vector is also displacement.



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