. Explain ENZYMES and its Properties

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1. They acts as catalysts in biological reactions and are, therefore, called Biocatalysts. These are also known as metabolic regulators.
2. Buchner, a German bio-chemist, discovered enzymes in yeast, and stated that living nature of the cells is not essential for the enzymatic activity.
3. Kuhne coined the term ‘enzyme’ (means in yeast).
4. J. Sumner isolated first enzyme (urease) in pure crystalline form from Jack beans.
Properties of enzymes
1.Almost all enzymes are proteins. There are some nucleic acids that behave like enzymes. These are called ribozymes.
2. Enzymes are required in small amounts.
3. Enzymes reduce the amount of activation energy required to start the chemical reaction.
4.They cannot change equilibrium point of a reversible reaction.

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