. Explain Position of floral leaves on the thalamus with reference to the relative position of floral parts

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With reference to the relative position of floral parts, there are three conditions - 


Here stamens, petals and sepals are separately and successively inserted below the ovary.  Hence ovary is said to be superior and rest of the floral parts as inferior.  

e.g. Hibiscus and Datura.


Margin of the thalamus grows upwards to form a cup like structure enclosing basal part of the ovary, while upper parts remain free from it and  carry with it sepals, petals and stamens.  Hence ovary is half inferior e.g. Rose, Prunus, Tephrosia.


Here other floral parts appear at the top of ovary.  Hence ovary is considered inferior while other parts are considered superior e.g. Carrot, Tridax, Helianthus.


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