. Explain the concept of Arrhenius - The Water Ion System

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According to Arrhenius theory, acids are substances that dissociates in water to give hydrogen ions [H+] and bases are substances that produce hydroxyl ions [OH–] 

Arrhenius Acids – 

The ionization of an acid HA in its aqueous solution can be represented by the following equation.


Important Points

i. If an acid releases only one H+ ion per molecule, it is known as monobasic/monoprotic acid (HA). For eg. HCl, HBr, HI, CH3COOH, HNO3 etc.

ii. If an acid releases two H+ ions per molecule, it is known as dibasic/diprotic (H2A). For eg. H2SO4, H2SO3, H3PO3 ,H2C2O4 , H2S etc.

iii. If an acid releases three H+ ions per molecule, it is known as tribasic/triprotic (H3A). For eg. H3PO4, H3AsO4 etc.



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