. Explain the Development of microspore mother cell

Best Answer

i)Certain cells of hypodermis of anther wall, begin to enlarge, becomes denser than the neighbouring cells.  These cells are now said to be archesporial initials.

ii)Archesporial initials pide periclinally to form primary parietal layer towards outside and primary microsporogenous cells towards the inner side.

iii)Primary parietal layer undergo periclinal pision to form outer and inner secondary parietal layer.

iv)Primary parietal layer undergoes periclinal and anticlinal pision to form outer layer, endothecium and innermost layer, tapetum.  Between these two, middle layer is formed.

v)According to the Davis and Sampson there are four types of anther wall development 

a) Basic type

Formation of middle layer occurs by outer and inner secondary parietal layer one by each.

b) Dicotyledonous type

Middle layers are contributed only by outer secondary parietal layer.

c) Monocotyledonous type

Here middle layers are contributed by only inner secondary parietal layer.

d) Reduced type

Middle layer is absent.


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