. Explain the following rights given to consumers

(i) Right to choose.

(ii) Right to be informed

Best Answer


(i) Right to choose

  • Consumers have the right choice of quality products and services available to buy at a competitive price.
  • It means a consumer has the chance to select the goods or services they want to purchase.

(ii) Right to be informed

  • The consumer has the right to complete information about the product available for sale in the market.
  • Examples are quantity, quality, purity standard or grade, date of manufacture, and price of the goods.

It protects consumers against the harmfulness of products and unfair practices of manufacturers and sellers.

 Final Answer:

The right to choose gives a selection option to the consumers, and the Right to be informed assures consumers to

buy quality products with all required information of products. Both provide security to the buyers.



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