. Explain the Following Term:

i. Race

ii. Breed

iii. Cultivars

iv. Variety

Best Answer

i. Race– Race may be different phenotypic populations within the same species. It is used as rank higher than the strains but lower than the species. Eg., Mongoloid, Negroid.

ii. Breed– Breed is a morphologically and physiologically distinct sub-group of a race where crossing occurs within the sub-group to maintain its individuality. For eg., Rhode island red, Plymouth red.

iii. Cultivars– It is a group of plants selected by plant breeders for desirable characteristics that can be maintained by propagation. Eg., roses, daffodils.

iv. Variety– It is a morphologically, physiologically, and genetically distinct sub-group of species. Eg., cauliflower, cabbage


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