. Explain the following terms with suitable examples

Explain the following terms with suitable examples:

            (i)    Cationic detergents

            (ii)   Anionic detergents and

            (iii)       Non-ionic detergents 

Best Answer

(i)         Cationic detergents These are quarternary ammonic salts of amines with acetates, chlorides or bromide.
                   Example : Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide
            (ii)   Anionic detergents These detergents have large anionic part in their molecules. These are of two types:
                   (a) Sodium alkyl sulphates For example, Sodium lauryl suphate CH3(CH2)10CH2OSO3–Na+.
                   (b) Sodium alkyl benzene sulphonates For example, sodium dodecyl benzene sulphona
                           (iii)   Non-ionic detergents These are esters of high molecular mass alcohols with fatty acids. For example, Plyethylene glycol stearate.

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