. Explain the Function of Bone

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Bone tissue and the skeletal system perform several basic functions.

1. Support: Bone provides a framework for the body by supporting soft tissues and providing points of attachment for many skeletal muscles.

2. Protection: Bones protect many internal organs from injury. for example, cranial bones protect the brain, vertebrae surround the spinal cord, the rib cage encloses the heart and lungs, and the hipbones guard internal reproductive organs.

3. Assist in movement: Skeletal muscles attach to bones. When muscles contract, they pull on bones and together they produce movement.

4. Mineral storage and release: Bone tissue stores several minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, which are important in muscle contraction and nerve activity.

4. Site of blood cell production: Within certain parts of bones, a connective tissue called red bone marrow produces blood cells, a process called hemopoiesis. Red bone marrow produces red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

5. Storage of energy: Lipids stored in cells of a second type of bone marrow called yellow bone marrow are an important chemical energy reserve. Yellow bone marrow consists primarily of adipose cells and a few scattered blood cells.


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