. Explain the Role of Gandhiji in the growth of Nationalism in India

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Ans: Gandhiji played a leading role in Indian National Movement between 1916-1948. Because of his contribution this period is known as the Gandhian Era

i. In South Africa be developed an innovative method to fight against unjust laws. He called this satyagraha which was a method based on non-violence and truth.   

ii. Gandhiji successfully involved the masses in the Satyagraha Movement at Champaran, Kheda and Ahmedabad

iii. He organized important nationwide mass movement like Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience and later Quit India Movement

iv. His simple personality attracted the common people. He did a lot to uplift the conditions of untouchables whom he called Harijan (Children of god). He did a lot to bring unity between Hindus and Muslims

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