. Explain the term URINE FORMATION

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The main function of the nephrons is to control the composition of body fluids and remove wastes from the blood. The end product is urine, which is excreted from the body. It contains wastes and excess water and electrolytes.

Urine formation involves three processes. In glomerular filtration, certain chemicals move from the glomerular capillaries into the renal tubules. In tubular reabsorption, some of these chemicals move back into the blood plasma. In tubular secretion, certain other chemicals move from the peritubular capillaries into the renal tubules. In other words, the following relationship determines the amount of substance excreted in the urine.

Urinary excretion= glomerular filtration + tubular secretion-tubular reabsorption

3-steps are involved in the formation of urine.

i. Ultra filtration

ii. Tubular Reabsorption

iii. Tubular Secretion





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