. Explain the types of X-rays

Best Answer

There are two types of X-rays

1. Continuous : This type (of X-rays) depends only on accelerating voltage. As per the electromagnetic theory, an accelerated charge will radiate electromagnetic waves when a fast moving electron is brought to rest (here electron gets decelerated) we get X-rays. X-rays produced this way are known as bremsstrahlung (braking radiation) 

The continuous X-rays (bremsstrahlung X-ray) produced at a given accelerating potential V vary in wavelength but none has a wavelength shorter than a certain value (also known as cut-off wavelength). 

2. Characteristic (Line) : These are produced due to knocking out of electrons of target metal atom by energetic electron beam as it impinges and penetrates into target metal. When electron from K-shell is dislodged, the vacancy so created triggers electronic transition and electron from higher level jumps to fill up the created vacancy radiating difference of energy in the form of X-rays. X-rays produced due to K-shell electrons knock out form a series known as K-series. Similarly, when electron from L shell is knocked out, the series so obtained is known as L-series. 




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