. Explain types of leaf with suitable diagram

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On the basis of incision of lamina, leaves are grouped into two categories, simple and compound.

1. Simple leaf: A leaf is said to be simple when it has a single lamina which is either entire or incised, but the incisions do not reach upto the mid rib or petiole, e.g., mango, guava, banyan, papaya, etc. On the basis of the direction of incision, the simple leaf with incised leaf margins may be of two types:

Pinnate simple leaf: Incisions point towards the different points of mid rib, e.g., radish. 

Palmate simple leaf: Incisions point towards the base of mid rib, e.g., castor.


2. Compound leaf: If incisions in the margins of lamina reach up to the mid rib, it gets segmented into small pieces, each piece being called a leaflet or pinna and the entire leaf is called a compound leaf The  mid rib of a simple leaf becomes an axis bearing leaflets, called rachis in a compound leaf.



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