. Explain, with examples, why we find animals of certain kind living in particular climatic conditions.

Best Answer

The organisms interact with the  environment to survive. Let us take the example of polar bear.

Polar bears have white fur so that they are not easily visible in the snowy white background. It protects them from their predators. It also helps them in catching their prey. To protect them from extreme cold, they have two thick layers of fur. They also have a layer of fat under their skin.

Physical activities on warm days necessitate cooling. So, the polar bears goes for swimming. It is a good swimmer. It paws are wide and large, which help it not only to swim well but also walk with ease in the snow. While swimming under water, it can close its nostrils and can remain under water for long durations. It has a strong sense of smell so that it can catch its prey for food.

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