. Explain zero factorial

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In mathematics, zero factorial is that expression in which we have to arrange the data having no values.

The value of n! is given by n! = n×(n−1) × (n−2) ×………×1. The given equation can also be written as n! = n× (n−1)! we need to substitute n=1 to know the value of 0! n×(n−1)!

⇒n! = n ×(n−1)!

Take the value of n = 1

we have,

⇒1! = 1! × (1−1)!

⇒1! = 1! × (0)!

The value of LHS should be equal to RHS as 1! is always equal to 1!

From the above equation to be true,

The value of 0! must be equal to 1.

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