. Express in Indian number system 35 987 123

A: 35,987,123

B: 3,59,87,123

C: 3,987,123

D: 3,59,8,71,23

Best Answer


According to the Indian number system,we use ones, tens, hundreds, thousands andthen lakhs and crores.

The Commas are used to indicate thousands,lakhs and crores. So,  the first comma comes after hundreds place

(three digits from the right) and marks thousands. The second comma comes after two digits  (five digits from the right).

That is, It comes after ten thousand place and marks a lakh. Now, The third comma comes after two more digits (seven digits from the right).

It comes after ten lakh place and marks a crore.

Therefore, According to the indian number system : 3,59,87,123

Final Answer: 

Option B is correct, that is , 3,59,87,123


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