. Father of endocrinology is

A: Einthoven

B: Addison

C: Pasteur

D: Whittaker


Best Answer


Option A

Willem Einthoven was the first person who discovered electrocardiogram

 Option B

Thomas Addison was the pioneer who discovered Addison's disease which causes due to insufficient production of aldosterone from adrenal cortex 

Adrenal cortex is an endocrine gland and hence he was called the father of endocrinology

 Option C

 Louis Pasteur is known for his work in the fields of modern microbiology ,he originated the   pasteurization

Option D

R.H. Whittaker proposed the five Kingdom taxonomic classification that consists of animals,plants,fungi ,protista and Monera

Final Answer

Hence, the correct option is (B). Father of endocrinology is Thomas Addison.



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