. Fill in the blank using the correct form of the verb given in

the bracket: Suddenly, the bushes 27 (rustle). Father wolf dropped to the ground, 28 (prepare) to leap at the predator.

"29 (hold) on!" cried mother wolf, "It's a mancub!" It 30 (be) a little baby who was just learning to walk. He 31 (look) into father wolf's face and 32 (laugh).

Father wolf 33 (close) his jaws on the child's back and 34 (carry) him to mother wolf and 35 (lay) him down among her cubs. Fill blank [28].

A: Prepare

B: Prepared

C: Prepares

D: Preparing


Best Answer


  • To fill blank B, we need a past tense as the sentence represents a work that is already done.
  • Considering the options -

The only verb in the past tense is in option B i.e., prepared.

Hence, the options A, C, and D are wrong as they all are in some forms of the present tense.

Final Answer: The correct answer option is B i.e., prepared.



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