. Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks


(a) A colloid  is a ——— mixture and its components can be separated  by the technique known as ———.


(b) Ice, water  and water  vapour look different and display different —— properties but they are ——— the same.


(c) A mixture of chloroform and water taken in a separating funnel is mixed and left undisturbed for some time. The upper  layer in the separating funnel will be of——— and the lower layer will be that  of  —


(d) A mixture of two or more miscible liquids, for which the difference  in the boiling points is less than  25 K can be separated  by the process called———.


(e) When light  is passed through water containing a few drops of milk, it shows a bluish tinge. This is due to the ——— of light  by milk and the phenomenon is called   ——— . This  indicates that  milk is a ——— solution


Best Answer

(a) heterogenous, centrifugation

(b) physical, chemically

(c) water, chloroform (density of water is less than that of chloroform)

(d) fractional distillation

(e) scattering, Tyndall effect, colloidal

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