. Find the cost of carpeting a room 13 m by 9 m with

a carpet of width 75 cm at the rate of Rs. 105 per metre.

A: Rs. 16380

B: Rs. 10080

C: Rs. 14580

D: Rs. 10000


Best Answer


Length of the room =13 m

Breadth of the room =9 m

Area of the room=1× b =13 ×9 =117 aqm

Let the length of the carpet required =l m

Width of the carpet =75 cm=0.75m

Area of the carpet = Area of the room


⇒ι=117 /0.75


Length of the carpet required =156 m

Cost of the carpet per metre = Rs 105

Total cost of the carpet=156×105 =Rs.16380.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is (a) Rs. 16380.



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