. From the given sentence form a feminine noun from the masculine noun given

The author was on the verge of a new idea.

A: writer

B: writeress

C: poetess

D: authoress


Best Answer


  • Feminine noun is the noun that represents the female equivalent of any word. 
  • The given word Author means anyone who writes or composes anything.

Considering all the given options -

A: Writer - Writer means anyone who writes and hence it is a common gender noun.

B: Writeress - This is a wrong word in itself.

C: Poetess - Poetess represents any female who compose poems and it is a female equivalent of word Poet.

D: Authoress - Authoress is any female who writes or composes something and hence it is the female equivalent of Author.

Final Answer: The correct answer option is D i.e., Authoress.


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