. Gaseous benzene reacts with hydrogen gas in presence of a nickel catalyst to form gaseous cyclohexane according to the reaction

WAS A mixture of C6H6 and excess H2 has a pressure of 60 mm of Hg in an unknown volume. After the gas is passed over a nickel catalyst and all the benzene converted to cyclohexane, the pressure of the gas is 30 mm of Hg in the same volume at the same temperature. The fraction of C6H6 (by volume) in the original mixture is

A. 1/3

B. 1/4

C. 1/5

D. 1/6

Best Answer

Ans: D

Sol: P1 + P2 = 60 mm Hg                                                                                         

After the reaction, pressure of H2 = P2 – 3P1

Pressure of C6H12 = P1

 P2 – 3P1 + P1 = 30 mm

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