. Give any four features of Ho Chi Minh Trails in the Vietnamese war against the U.S.

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Ans: The Ho Chi Minh Trail was an effective defense system built by the Vietnamese to fight against the U.S. It symbolized the best use of the limited resources that were available to the Vietnamese, to their own advantage. The features of the trail were: 

i. The trail was an immense network of footpaths and roads used to transport men and material from the north to the south. The trail had support bases and hospitals along the way

ii. The supplies were carried by porters who were primarily women. The porters carried about twenty-five kilograms on their backs and upto seventy kilograms on their bicycles. In some parts, the supplies were transported on trucks

iii. Most of the trail was outside Vietnam in neighbouring Laos and Cambodia with branches extending into South Vietnam

iv. The U.S. regularly bombed this trail to disrupt supplies, but often failed in their attempts as the Vietnamese rebuilt these trails very quickly. The trail was constantly improved starting in the late 1950s and by 1967, about twenty thousand North Vietnamese troops came south along this trail

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