. Give reasons for the following

Give reasons for the following:

(a) Sodium and potassium are stored in kerosene.

(b) Copper cannot displace zinc from its salt solution (zinc sulphate solution).

Best Answer

(a) Metals react with water to produce hydrogen gas. Sodium reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Similarly, potassium also reacts with water to potassium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Both Sodium and potassium are highly reactive metals. They can even react with the moisture present in air. The reaction of sodium and potassium with water is highly exothermic in nature. It produces a lot of heat energy and this heat energy can cause the hydrogen gas produced during the reaction, to catch fire. In order to keep it safe, sodium and potassium are stored in kerosene

(b) Copper cannot displace zinc from zinc sulphate solution. Zinc is placed above copper in reactivity series of metal. Hence, it will be able to replace copper from copper sulphate solution

copper sulphate solution

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