. Give reasons for the following

Give reasons for the following:

(a) Sodium hydrogen sulphate is not an acid, but it dissolves in water to give hydrogen ions according to the equation

  NaHSO  H+ + Na+ + SO42-

(b) Anhydrous calcium chloride is used in a desiccator.


Best Answer

(a) Sodium hydrogen sulphate [NaHSO4] is an acid salt and is formed by the partial replacement of the replaceable hydrogen ion in a dibasic acid [H2SO4]. The [H] atom in NaHSO4 makes it behave like an acid.

So, on dissolving in water, it gives hydrogen ions.

(b) Desiccating agents are used to absorb moisture. Anhydrous calcium chloride (CaCl2) is used as a desiccator because it has the capacity of absorbing moisture as it is hygroscopic in nature.


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