. Give some points on Objections to Darwin's Theory.Explain

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Objections to Darwin's Theory:

1. First and foremost was the prevailing view that the Earth was not old enough to allow a process as slow as natural selection to account for contemporary diversity.

2. He himself recognized that traits must be heritable for his theory to work and he was unable to explain the mechanism of heredity.

3. The prevailing view of blending inheritance was inimical to his theory because the characters of any variant which enjoyed a survival advantage over other variants in a population would be diluted when that individual mated. With each subsequent generation the trait would be diluted until it was eventually blended out of existence.

4. Although many could see how natural selection could remove unfit individuals from a population, they could not understand how this process could create the fit (arrival of fittest).

5. He only explained the progressive improvement of most of the existing organs, but did not explain the origin of new characters.

6. He does not give any idea about the useless variations like the vestigial organ.

7. If there is gradual accumulation of variation, why not any intermediate forms are recognized.

8. Cannot explain the existence of overspecialization of certain structures.

9. Theory cannot explain sterility of hybrids.


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