. Give some points on Postulates of KTG

Best Answer

1. A gas consists of a large number of very small spherical tiny particles, which may be identified as  molecules. The molecules of a given gas are completely identical in size, shape and mass.

2. The volume occupied by the molecules is negligible in comparison to the total volume occupied by the gas (i.e. volume of the container).

3. The molecules are in rapid motion which is completely random. During their motion, they collide with one other and with the sides of the vessel. The pressure of the gas is due to the collisions of molecules with the sides of the vessel.

4. The molecules are perfectly elastic, i.e. there occurs no loss of energy when they collide with one another and with the sides of the vessel.

5. The laws of classical mechanics, in particular Newton’s second law of motion, are applicable to the molecules in motion.

6. There is no force of attraction or repulsion amongst the molecules, i.e. they are moving independent of one another.

7. At any instant, a given molecule can have kinetic energy ranging from a small value to a very large value, but the average kinetic energy remains constant for a given temperature, i.e. the average kinetic energy is proportional to the absolute temperature of the gas.


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