. Given below is a portion from the human body showing some important structure in ventral front view


(a) Where is this portion located in the body?
(b) Name the structures numbered 1-3.
(c) State one main function of each of the structures named above.
(d) Is there any duct to carry the secretions from the structure numbered 2? If so, give its name.

Best Answer

(a) This portion is located in the neck region above the sternum.
(b) 1- Larynx, 2 - Thyroid gland, 3 - Trachea
(c) Larynx is the voice box containing vocal cords. It helps in producing sound.
Thyroid gland produces thyroxine and calcitonin which are essential hormones.
Trachea is the wind pipe that helps in passing air to and from the respiratory system while breathing.
(d) Structure 2 is the thyroid gland. It is an endocrine gland, so it is ductless and pours its secretions directly into the blood. Hence, there is no duct.

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