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Write a letter to the Editor of a popular daily on ‘The Health Hazards Caused by Junk Food’ using your own ideas and ideas from the unit ‘Health and Medicine’. You are Sagar/ Sagarika. (Word limit – 200 words)            

Best Answer

Ans: Examination Hall

New Delhi

The Editor

The Times of India

K.G. Marg

New Delhi

Date: 24th July 2009


 Subject : The health hazards caused by Junk food

I, Sagar/ Sagarika, a regular reader of your esteemed newspaper wish my views on the topic ‘The health hazards caused by Junk food’ to be published in your newspaper. So that after reading my views people are aware of these health hazards.

Life is very fast today. On-line communication on fast food is the way of the world. Most of us are forgetting to relish on the traditional food which is quite hygienic, nutritious and delicious. May be because of time or fashion we eat fast food now as a habit. It is easy to prepare, but it works like a slow poison for health

Firstly, it is not made of fresh ingredients. Moreover, chemicals are added to keep it worth eating for a longer time. Different types of sauces used to make it palatable have their own share in making it harmful. It is a common saying what we eat determines our thoughts and feelings too.



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