. Grain colour in wheat is determined by three paris of polygene

Following the cross AABBCC (dark colour) × aabbcc (light colour), in F2 generation what proportion of the progeny is likely to resemble either parent?

a)   Half           

(b)  Less than 5%

(c)  One third    

(d)  None of the above


Best Answer

Solution ||| Polyygene results in quantitative inheritance which is characterised by occurrence of intermediate form between the parental type. In case of crossing between AABBCC (dark colour) and aabbcc (light colour), in F2 generation seven phenotypes will obtain with ratio of 1 : 6 : 15 : 20 : 15 : 6 : 1. The total number of progeny is 64, out of which only two will be likely resemble with either parents. Hence, their proportion in F2 generation would bne 3.12 ie, less than 5% less than 5%


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