. Groundwater is an example of a/an

A: non - renewable resource
B: exhaustable resource
C: renewable resource
D: degradable resource

Best Answer


  • Aquifers are typically made up of gravel, sand, sandstone, or fractured rock, like limestone. Water can move through these materials because they have large connected spaces that make them permeable. This water is known as groundwater. It can be found almost everywhere. The water table may be deep or shallow, and may rise or fall depending on many factors.
  • Groundwater supplies are replenished, or recharged, by rain and snow melt that seeps down into the cracks and crevices beneath the land's surface. Heavy rains or melting snow may cause the water table to rise, or heavy pumping of groundwater supplies may cause the water table to fall.
  • Since, groundwater can be replenished in a relatively less amount of time, it is a renewable resource.

Final answer:

The correct option is C: renewable resource

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