. How can you prevent air pollution?

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Following are some measures to prevent air pollution:  

(i)When the pollutants are in the gaseous state, air can be purified by Combustion technique.

(ii)Gaseous pollutants can also be removed by the process of adsorption in which the pollutant is adsorbed at the surface of the solid.

(iii)Electrostatic Precipitator: It is a device in which when air containing pollutants is passed, they induce electric charge in it and get attracted towards the negatively charged electrons and clean air passes through it. (page 603, fig d)

(iv)Air polluted with particulate matter can be cleaned through wet scrubbers.

(v)When air containing pollutants is allowed to stand for some time, then dust particles and various other pollutants settle down and clean air is thus obtained. This is based on the principle of gravity.

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